Do you know what and how much food your kitchen throws away?

Take control of your food waste.

Good For Food empowers commercial kitchens with big data analytics and business intelligence to reduce their food waste, cost and environmental footprint.

Increase profits
Accurate Data
Adopt Simple Strategies
Boost your brand image

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Clean & Green

If we ate all the food we wasted, that would have the same environmental impact as removing half the cars off the roads in Singapore

Weighing On My Mind

The 786 million kg of food waste that was generated in 2015 is equivalent to each person disposing 2 bowls of rice per day.

What a Waste

Food waste not recycled will end up in our only offshore landfill, expected to be full by 2030. Moreover, food waste in landfills give off LOTS of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Just like cows, only worse.

SG Secure?

1 in 10 still worry about putting food on the table. They rely on cheap but non-nutritious foods such as instant noodles and we all know how harmful that is to our body in the long run.